School-based Programs

ELK offers a selection of science and natural resource programs to public and private schools, youth organizations, home school groups and other community-based groups in Colorado. Program fees vary depending on length, location and size of group. We can customize a program for you.

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We teach grades K - 12.

Whether they are one-hour long classroom-based lessons, full-day outdoor programs or after-school club programs, they are correlated to Colorado model content standards and model effective teaching.

An education plan is available with each program to help instructors integrate the learning with current topics.

Choose from the programs below, or we will work with you to develop curricula specific to your needs.


  • Skins and Skulls - We bring in skins and skulls of different animals that live in Colorado and explore animal adaptations in a hands-on environment
  • Who Polluted the South Platte - This highly interactive, hands-on program teaches students about water and stewardship of this finite resource
  • Schoolyard Habitat - Do any animals live around your school or site? Students will be able to identify what wildlife make their homes in the habitat in their neighborhoods
  • Get Eroded!! - on experience, identify erosion and explain the causes of erosion through various experiments
  • Habitats of the World - Lions and tigers and bears - OH MY! Students will learn about habitats all over the world

To participate, please e-mail Kim or call 303-291-7554.

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